Cosmetic Dentistry

Brampton Cosmetic Dentistry – Brighten and Whiten Your Smile

New techniques and technologies in cosmetic dentistry have made it affordable and easy for you to obtain the smile you have always wanted. If you have any concerns about the appearance of your smile, please continue reading to learn more about the wide range of treatments we offer you.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is one of the fastest and easiest ways to enhance your smile. We offer a full range of whitening treatments, including in-office laser tooth whitening and at-home treatments. The effects are long-lasting and can help you brighten a smile dulled by aging, food and drink stains or fluorosis. Our in-office whitening treatments works in only 15-20 minutes and offers dramatic results.


White BPA-Free Fillings

Silver and gold filling used to be our only way for restoring damaged teeth. With advances in dental technology we now offer tooth-coloured restorative materials. The great advantage is that you no longer have the risks associated with older mercury-containing amalgam fillings while offering the cosmetic benefits too. Fillings can be matched to your natural teeth colour. They are stronger, longer lasting and metal-free.


Veneers offer a virtually painless way to repair crooked, chipped or misshapen teeth. They can also be used to cover badly stained teeth and to smooth out an uneven smile.

Veneers are made of porcelain and custom- fitted to your teeth. The process of fitting and bonding veneers to your teeth can be completed in as little as two visits.

This cosmetic treatment offers minimal, no prep solution to smile enhancement.


Crowns are used to cover a tooth that has been repaired through a root canal, has cracked or has a large filling. Crowns offer extra protection to the damaged tooth. They can be made of a range of materials, but porcelain is the most popular because it blends in seamlessly with other teeth. The materials used are all metal free.



Missing teeth can diminish the appearance of a smile and can cause other teeth to drift out of place. Dental bridges are a commonly used solution for missing teeth.

Dental bridges containing replacement teeth are anchored into place by healthy teeth on either side of the bridge. Bridges cannot be removed, but need to be checked for wear during regular dental checkups.

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