Preventive Care

Preventive Dental Care

As a team of progressively minded dental professionals, we strive to show our patients that their oral health is an important part of their overall systemic health. If left unchecked, bacteria work around the clock to create tooth decay and gum disease and can lead to a variety of health concerns. Evidence now links gum disease to more serious health problems including heart disease and diabetes. Early detection through regular dental check-ups is very important.

At Bramwest Family Dental , we take your regular dental check-ups to heart, providing you with our focused attention. We’re not about “quick fixes”, but comprehensive care that will help you enjoy a lifetime of optimal dental health.

Our Office Provides:

We offer many techniques to help you relax along with:

Here are some tips on how to keep them in good condition:


  • Nitrous Oxide – Also known as laughing gas, nitrous oxide is administered through an inhaler. It is very effective at relieving anxiety.
  • Oral Sedation – Anti-anxiety medication taken prior to your dental appointment.
  • Deep Sedation – Allowing you to snooze through your dental treatment,

Make sure you get the dental care you need. Even a simple relaxation technique can make a world of difference in your state of mind. Call our office today to learn more.