10 Things Most People Don’t Know About Preventive Dentistry

10 Things Most People Don’t Know About Preventive Dentistry

Dec 01, 2021

Dental experts globally continue to emphasize the relevance of preventive dentistry, yet many people are yet to take it seriously. There is a reason why our dental team at Bramwest Family Dental would continually sensitize patients about preventive dentistry, whether they have healthy mouths or are tending to a dental infection. Besides, preventive dentistry is not just relevant for adult oral health but also for children.

What Is Preventive Dentistry?

It comprises a combination of different dental protocols done to sustain a healthy mouth. The goal of Preventive dentistry in Brampton, ON, is to provide proactive measures that can boost the productivity and functionality of your mouth by keeping it healthy throughout your life. Usually, preventive dental care measures will start with you. Every oral habit you employ at home will either boost or ruin your mouth’s health. However, that alone is not enough. Successful dental care comes by integrating professional preventive dental services with your at-home preventive care routines. If you are unsure about trying out preventive dentistry, consider the following facts that many people do not know:

  1. The bulk of preventive care lies with you – your role in preventive dentistry is ultimately bigger than the role of a dentist near you. The dentist only gets to see you once every few months, but you get to care for your mouth every day. As such, preventive measures like brushing your teeth twice or thrice daily, flossing regularly, and avoiding damaging substances like tobacco and alcohol are significant in preventive dentistry.
  2. Dental habits significantly affect your oral health – other than keeping your teeth clean, the oral habits you have will affect your dental health. For example, patients who grind their teeth suffer from hypersensitivity and enamel thinning. Others with thumb-sucking habits may have orthodontic complications when they are older. Therefore, you must be careful to practice good oral habits. Sometimes you will need the help of a dentist to help you quit the bad habits, and better yet, trade them for healthy ones.
  3. You can evade dental cavities all your life – many people will end up getting dental cavities in the course of their lifetime. However, with preventive dental services, you have a chance of avoiding cavities on your teeth. Remedies like fluoride treatment, dental sealants, and routine dental cleanings will protect your teeth in the long term.
  4. You have to visit your dentist every few months – the only way preventive dentistry will be beneficial to your oral health is if you are consistent. Some dental measures like dental exams and cleanings need to be repeated every three to six months. It makes it important to have a family dentist that can attend to all the oral needs of your family.
  5. Healthy people need preventive dentistry – do not be mistaken to think that only people with several dental problems need to visit a dentist regularly. Instead, everyone can benefit from preventive dentistry, whether or not they have dental infections among other dental conditions.
  6. Preventive dentistry helps with the early detection and diagnosis of health problems – it is easy to think that your oral cavity is in the best health state. However, only a dental expert can come to such a conclusion after a thorough dental exam. Detecting health issues early will help you avoid incurring permanent damages to your mouth. Besides, conditions like oral cancer can be life-threatening if they are not treated in the early stages.
  7. Your medical history is only established gradually over time – the dentist can gather ample information about your health with more dental visits. The information will be crucial for making calculated projections about your health and reinforcing necessary measures to reduce your risk factors of certain health issues.
  8. Preventive dentistry can help evaluate your general health – your dentist can have a rough idea of your health by checking the health of your mouth. For instance, dentists have diagnosed diabetes for various patients with recurring gum disease. Besides, preventive measures that include improving your nutritional habits will cater to your oral and general health.
  9. Most preventive services in dentistry are covered by dental insurance – if you are worried about budgetary constraints linked to regularly visiting a dentist in Brampton, ON, rest in the fact that many preventive dental protocols are covered by insurance.
  10. Preventive dentistry boosts your confidence – and acts as your motivation to intentionally caring for your oral health.

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