Acting Appropriately during Dental Emergencies Helps Avoid Unnecessary Complications

Acting Appropriately during Dental Emergencies Helps Avoid Unnecessary Complications

Nov 01, 2020

If you are affected by a dental emergency, you may find it difficult to think clearly. If you are in a painful situation, you may find it challenging to determine which way you should turn for help. Whenever an injury or infection attempts to wreak havoc with your smile, the dentist in Brampton, ON, is available to provide the skilled and gentle treatment needed to get you back on track.

If you experience a dental situation in Ontario, you should call emergency dentistry in Brampton, ON ,to schedule an appointment for urgent dental care. The call gets you advice from dental professionals on how to deal with the situation until you reach the emergency dental clinic. To make things easier for you to manage dental emergencies, examples of some common dental issues are mentioned below with information on how to handle them for best outcomes.

Objects Trapped between Your Teeth

If you have food particles or other objects trapped between your teeth, the situation will annoy you. It could tempt you to apply force to your teeth to remove the items causing them to move apart slightly. Rather than using anything in your reach to remove the objects, why not use dental floss for the purpose? You must avoid using sharp instruments or tools to get the debris out. The objects may cause pain if not removed as soon as possible. In such situations, you must seek emergency dental care to find relief from the problem.

Dental Abscess

Dental abscesses are pockets of trapped pus in the gum tissues caused by bacterial infections. The abscess manifests like a bump near the tooth root causing severe tooth pain. You can use over-the-counter painkillers for relief from the discomfort you are facing. Applying a cold compress to your cheeks to reduce swelling also helps. However, if you want to treat the condition and preserve the tooth, you need help from emergency dental service. They perform root canal treatment to remove the infected tissue and the accumulation of pus in the abscess.

Soft Tissue Injury

Has an accident caused soft tissue injuries to your gums, tongue, lips, and other areas of the mouth? The damage could be affecting your child, who may have bitten their tongue or has a cut in the mouth. Bleeding is likely in soft tissue injuries, which you will have to deal with. Bleeding can be controlled using a clean cloth or gauze. However, if it continues for over 10 minutes, you can either visit the nearest ER or call the Brampton dentist to ensure you receive treatment, and your smile hasn’t sustained severe damage under the surface.

Extruded Tooth

Sometimes you may suffer an injury that causes an extruded tooth, which is loose and dislodged but remains in its socket. The tooth will appear longer than it usually is, giving you an indication of its instability. You must avoid touching the tooth and call for urgent dental care without wasting time. The dental professionals at the dental clinic in Brampton, ON will reposition the tooth to make sure it heals properly and is preserved.

Knocked-out Tooth

A severe impact to your jaw can result in a knocked-out tooth. The situation is not only stressful but also causes you to think about tooth replacement solutions. Rather than worry about replacing the knocked-out tooth, you should think calmly and attempt to reach emergency dental care within 30 minutes. Picking up the tooth, holding it by the Crown, and rinsing it in plain water without scrubbing the roots and attempting to keep it moist until you reach the dentist’s office is incredibly essential. If you manage to receive prompt attention from the dental clinic, the tooth can be reinserted back into its socket to preserve it. However, if you cannot reach the dentist within the specified time, you may have to consider tooth replacement solutions that are available with all dentists.

Dental emergencies frequently occur, leaving everyone encountering them in tense situations. Dental issues are undoubtedly stressful but acting appropriately during a stressful situation helps avoid unnecessary complications and substantial expenditure. Therefore everyone needs to think calmly and proceed to the nearest emergency dental clinic for treatment rather than panic.

Is it possible to prevent dental emergencies altogether? Preventing all dental emergencies is perhaps impossible, but many can indeed be prevented by taking proper care of your teeth and regularly visiting our dentist for exams and cleanings. Most importantly, acting appropriately helps to avoid aggravating the emergency in stressful situations.

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