All You Need to Know About Dental Implants 

All You Need to Know About Dental Implants 

Dec 01, 2019

A dental implant is an advanced technique that is used to replace a missing tooth. This might sound weird to most of you if you are not familiar with this technique. Dentists across the globe highly recommend it if there is any tooth loss. It is the best-known technique for dental replacement so far. There are various types of tooth implants, and the suitable one is recommended to you by the dentist. Everyone does not undergo the same procedure, so the symptoms and after-effects are variable too.

Types of Dental Implants

If you are thinking of tooth implants for denture replacement or fixing the smile, there are two basic types of dental implants

  • Endosteal Implant
  • Subperiosteal Implant
  • Zygomatic Implant

What is Endosteal Dental Implant

This is a common, two-staged dental implant. Titanium made screw-shaped teeth are implanted in your jawbone. The screws have a false tooth on top so that you have a beautiful smile right away. There are three phases of this process. First, the screw is implanted. The second phase includes regular visits to the dentist, which are essential after the surgery. These visits are for the healing process. Once the healing process is complete, the third minor phase of the surgery is conducted. A permanent crown will be attached to the implant abutment. This procedure is advised to people with strong jawbones and good oral hygiene.

A Brief About Subperiosteal Dental Implant

In this procedure, the screws are replaced with a metallic framework. The framework is placed on the jawbone instead of implanting it in the gums. The false teeth are visible, and the crown is placed. Patients with weak jawbones or resilient to get a bone grafting procedure are advised to this implant. The number of stages is just two in this procedure. The first phase involves placing the implant. The second phase involves crown placement right after healing. Full denture replacement usually demands this process.

Zygomatic Implant

This is the least common method. It is complex than the ones stated above. Usually, dentists near you will recommend this type if the jawbone is very weak or the jawbone is not enough. The dentist will use the cheekbone instead of the jawbone to place the implant.

Are There Any Other Techniques for Dental Implants

Every surgery has alternatives to some extent. If any of the above-mentioned methods do not fit your oral conditions, the dentist might advise the other techniques stated below.

  • The dentist will recover the jawbone so that it is ready for dental implants. The process is called bone augmentation.
  • If your upper back teeth are missing, the surgeon can also add a bone below the sinus by sinus lifting process.
  • Ridge expansion can be advised to manage the width of your jaw.

Which Option Is the Best for Me

There is no specific answer to this question. The situation of your teeth will tell the type that is best for you. You can find out if you need a dental implant and the type that is best for you; you can consult dental implants in Brampton. The Brampton dentist can guide you in the best possible way.

The Factors That Influence Dental Implant

You can always check for dental implants in Brampton, ON. The factors that can impact the success of dental implants are as follows:

Unhealthy Gums

If you have infected gums, the success rate will below. Maybe the dentist might not even recommend an implant if the gums are in bad shape.

Smoking Kills

Smoking prohibits blood flow, and dental implants can fail if you are a smoker. The dental implant failure rate is 20 percent in smokers.

Lesser Jawbone Space

If the jawbone does not have sufficient space, then there are great chances that an implant might fail. You can choose the zygomatic implant in that case.

Unhygienic Teeth

A healthy denture is a perfect condition to get an implant. If oral hygiene is poorly maintained, you might not have a successful implant.

Dental hygiene is really important. Your smile is an attractive feature, and maintaining it is a necessity. If you have any dental problems, feel free to contact us at Bramwest Family Dental. Our team of professionals will guide you and help you solve your dental issues.

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