Are Dental Sealants Worth The Costs and Risks?

Are Dental Sealants Worth The Costs and Risks?

Aug 01, 2020

Dental sealants in Brampton, ON are promoted as the best preventive measure to provide children with decay-free teeth along with the adults for years. However, questions have been raised about their worth and potential risk to leave many people wondering whether they should even spend on this preventive measure.

Brushing the teeth is essential, but dental sealants may be the most effective way to prevent children from developing dental caries. Reports published recently by the centers of disease control and prevention (CDC) have spoken about the benefits of dental sealants in children, which is a relatively painless and straightforward procedure.

Dental sealants are thin coatings that are painted on the teeth as a preventive measure against cavities. This procedure, besides being painless, is also inexpensive and costs approximately $ 30-$ 60 per tooth. Some insurance plans can also reduce costs further.

Less than 50 percent of children have dental sealants on their teeth, and therefore, it can be assumed that the trend of dental sealants is yet in the process of gaining traction. The sealants are, however, safe and effective as they have been for over four decades.

Why Must Children Have Dental Sealants on Their Teeth?

Research conducted reveals the children are losing time in school because of tooth decay as it interferes with sleep, eating, and other regular activities. Apart from preventing cavities, sealants ensure the teeth remain healthy.

Fears have been expressed by many who state that synthetic estrogens like bisphenol A are causing environmental concerns. Still, research reveals that the BPA levels in the saliva are at their highest during the first three hours after application and revert to the baseline within 24 hours. Clinical studies haven’t revealed any BPA in blood serum levels.

Adverse reactions from sealants haven’t been observed, neither have they been reported in the print media.

How Are Dentists Overcoming the Fears Expressed by Parents?

Dental Sealants in Brampton, ON, is providing resin-based sealants or glass ionomer sealants as alternatives to seal the pits and fissures by way of micro retention created through enamel etching. The dentist in Brampton, ON, mentions that the lack of information about sealants is perhaps the most significant problem in the minds of people that are preventing them from obtaining the treatments for their children.

When the sealants are applied ideally, they can last for a lifetime but generally need to be replaced. When children begin to develop molars and premolars, they erupted teeth must be sealed as soon as possible. Children can have dental sealants from the dentist in Brampton as a practical measure against dental caries.

Baby and primary teeth can also be sealed, but the child must be able to tolerate the painless procedure, which requires him or her to hold the mouth open without moving for a few minutes. Younger children with a higher risk of tooth decay will benefit from dental sealants when the pits and fissures are sealed.

Adults, regardless of their age, can benefit from sealants. Age increases our exposure to decay, with changes occurring in the protective quality and biochemistry of saliva and exposure to certain medications over time. Perhaps the only time dental sealants are not as effective is if the tooth has dental restoration or dental implant. They have, however, proven themselves as effective and safe, and the benefits they offer outweigh any risks that are discussed.

Why Must Children Have Dental Sealants?

The report published by the CDC reveals that dental sealants can prevent 80 percent of cavities until two years after the application. The protection continues against 50 percent cavities for an additional four years. Approximately 43 percent of children between the ages of 6 to 11 have dental sealants on their teeth. Children from low-income households are less likely to have dental sealants then their counterparts from higher-income homes.

School-age children without dental sealants are significantly susceptible to cavities as compared to children with them. The ongoing debates have continued for quite some time and are unlikely to stop anytime soon. However, research by reputed organizations confirms that dental sealants are indeed worth the costs and the so-called risks because they can prevent expensive and intensive treatments on children that are entirely avoidable.

Parents who are fearful about the discussions of dental sealants will do better to contact the dentist in Brampton, ON, who can allay their fears and provide their children with an additional layer of protection against dental cavities.

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