Dental Bridges and Their Benefits

Dental Bridges and Their Benefits

Jan 01, 2021

Whether your dental issues are minor or significant, several solutions are presently available to resolve all dental problems. Many treatments are provided by dental professionals that enhance or maintain the appearance of your teeth. Earlier, the lack of state-of-the-art technology made it difficult to maintain a healthy smile when you lost one or several teeth.

Currently, if you are missing a tooth between two healthy teeth or have a gap between your teeth, you can quickly get excellent treatment to restore your smile from the dentist in Brampton, ON. The dentist specializes in providing dental bridges in Brampton, ON, as a standard dental procedure to replace the missing tooth or teeth. The process resembles its name, meaning it creates a bridge in the vacant space of a lost tooth.

Many people think dental bridges are not an appropriate dental procedure because it is only a short-term measure. Many misconceptions are spread about dental bridges and problems when eating and other issues. However, there are many benefits associated with dental bridges that you must also consider if you intend to have them to replace your missing teeth.

What are the benefits offered by dental bridges? Let us explain the advantages of having dental bridges to convince you it is indeed an excellent teeth replacement option.

The Benefits of Dental Bridges Are Mentioned below

Dental Bridges Are Tiny and Lightweight

The foremost benefit of a traditional fixed bridge is the ease of use you have after dental bridge placement. Bridges are not just tiny but also lightweight, providing you comfort in many ways. You can speak, chew, and eat without difficulties. Furthermore, you experience no chewing forces passed on to the gums when using dental bridges.

Easy to Maintain

Another benefit of dental bridges is the ease of maintenance when you have them in your mouth. Unlike removable dentures, they don’t need maintenance and washing with solvents or other dental chemicals. The bridges are fixed permanently to abutment teeth. They are similar to natural teeth allowing you to clean them in the usual ways by brushing, flossing, and rinsing your mouth.

Restoring The Functionality of Your Mouth

Whether you have missing teeth between two healthy teeth or have just one healthy tooth beside the vacant gap and have a cantilever bridge in your mouth, you can expect the restoration to re-establish the functionality of your mouth. After the bridges are bonded correctly, you can begin eating hard, hot or cold foods efficiently. It would be best if you merely remembered food particles could get trapped beneath the bridges and need proper cleaning and flossing after you finish eating.

Maintaining Your Facial Structure

A problem associated with tooth loss is the deterioration of the jawbone, which eventually causes your face to sag. If you attempt to close the vacant space between two teeth, you ensure your facial structure remains intact without sagging. Your actions make sure dental bridges hold your jaws and bones in place and also support the shape of your face. The teeth bridge reduces the shifting of other teeth into the blank space and creates problems with the bite.

When you visit the Brampton dentist looking for teeth replacement solutions, you receive information about the dental bridge procedure requiring at least two appointments with the dentist to trim down your healthy teeth on both sides of the gap of the vacant space. Your dental bridge is customized in a laboratory and requires at least two to three weeks when you must return to the dentist for bridge placement. The procedure may appear intensive, but the dentist ensures you undergo no discomfort by giving you local anesthesia during the process.

After having your missing teeth replaced with dental bridges from Bramwest family dental, it is incredibly essential for you to keep them in optimal condition. The dentist provides instructions on how you should brush and floss your teeth, and the dental bridges paying particular attention to ensuring no food particles remain beneath the restoration—not adhering to the advice of the dentist results in plaque and tartar buildup to make you vulnerable to tooth decay and gum disease.

Besides brushing and flossing your teeth, you can use tools like interdental flossers or any other recommended by your dentist in Brampton, ON for cleaning your teeth appropriately. Dental bridges will need replacements at some time but will last you for over ten years, proving as an appropriate method to replace missing teeth in your mouth.

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