Get the Brighter Smile You Want with Professional Teeth Whitening

Get the Brighter Smile You Want with Professional Teeth Whitening

Aug 02, 2021

Do you desire a brighter smile because your teeth have discolored over time drinking coffee, red wine, smoking or merely the natural process of aging? Teeth whitening in Brampton, ON is the most requested dental procedures every year with people spending billions to have a brighter smile.

Whitening your teeth is not challenging because thousands of products are available on the market to achieve your goal. However instead of wasting time and money with over-the-counter products you will find it convenient to have your teeth whitened by Bramwest family dental. This article provides some tips to help you choose the best teeth whitening method for yourself.

How Does Teeth Whitening Function?

Teeth whitening is described as any process that helps make your teeth appear whiter. You can either opt for teeth bleaching from a qualified dentist or use non-bleaching products for whitening your teeth. The terms whitening and bleaching are often used interchangeably. However the FDA has clarified the term bleaching is best used when a product contains bleach. Teeth Whitening products are helpful to remove food particles and debris from your teeth without bleach.

Professional teeth whitening is done by dentists using hydrogen or carbamide peroxide because these ingredients help remove surface and deep stains resulting in your teeth becoming lighter than their natural shade.

What Are Bleaching Products?

The active ingredients in products available with the teeth whitening dentist or drugstores is peroxide. The active bleaching ingredient is hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide breaks down into the former.

Bleaching products available from dentists are more robust than the varieties purchased over the counter. Teeth whiteners from dentists contain 35 to 45 percent peroxide in stark contrast to products available in stores containing merely seven percent peroxide. Other ingredients in OTC whiteners or dentist dispensed contain glycerin, sodium hydroxide, carbopol, and flavorings.

Why Prefer Professional Teeth Whitening?

The ADA recommends consulting a dentist before you choose to bleach your teeth. Dentists and recommend the best whitening options for you after examining your mouth besides supervising the treatment to prevent complications. An examination by a qualified dentist is essential to determine whether you are suitable for the teeth whitening process. If you have problems like tooth decay and gum disease the procedure is not suitable for you. It helps if you have the problems treated before you consider whitening your teeth. Teeth whitening for sensitive teeth is not recommended by dentists with bleaching products because of the risk of sensitivity increasing.

Professional whitening by the dentist requires about 60 minutes. The process entails application of a whitening gel containing 25 to 40 percent hydrogen peroxide before aiming a unique heating lamp at your teeth for three intervals of 20 minutes each. The dentist repeats the whitening gel application between the intervals.

Dentists use a protective barrier during the whitening to keep your gums, lips and tongue away from the whitening gel to ensure it remains on your teeth. For optimal results the dentist usually provides customized whitening trays for your teeth along with bleaching gels to help you continue maintaining the results at home.

Professional teeth whitening treatments from dentists and cost approximately $ 650 for the in office treatment and about $ 300-$ 400 for the customized at home trays.

Whitening Trays

If you are reluctant to undergo the in office teeth whitening procedure you can request dentists to provide customized at home whitening kits. The whitening kits dispensed by dentists contain higher percentage of bleach to function as an effective teeth stain remover.

Dentists take impressions of your teeth to create custom fitted application trays made from flexible plastic. The custom trays ensure the bleach remains in close contact with your teeth delivering optimal results. They prevent saliva from diluting the bleach and minimize leakages capable of irritating your gums. Over-the-counter whitening trays do not fit your teeth precisely allowing the bleach to leak and cause sensitive gums.

Getting your teeth whitened by a qualified dentist is an excellent option than searching for over-the-counter products delivering minimal results. If you want to get the brighter smile for a special occasion dentist in Brampton, ON can deliver the fastest results with professionally administered teeth whitening treatments. You will notice your teeth change color by 3 to 8 shades in one visit to the dentist’s office.

Dentists also recommend you limit your consumption of pigmented foods and beverages, smoking, brush your teeth twice daily, floss at least once and get regular dental checkups and cleanings to maintain the results of the whitening.

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