Invisalign Helps to Straighten Teeth without Embarrassment

Invisalign Helps to Straighten Teeth without Embarrassment

Sep 01, 2021

What makes you fear teeth straightening despite confronting various problems with your crooked teeth? Is it the fear of undergoing extended treatments or the metal and wire traditional braces? Regardless of your apprehensions living with crooked teeth is a challenge. Therefore look forward to overcoming it without embarrassment if possible.


If you have crooked or malpositioned teeth in your mouth, you are undoubtedly affected by tooth decay and gum disease because your dental imperfections don’t permit you to maintain proper dental hygiene. You may think orthodontic treatments are embarrassing, but does it prevent you from seeking an alternative therapy for teeth straightening with Invisalign treatment? If not, it is time for you to consider a therapy letting you straighten your teeth without embarrassment faster than traditional braces.


How Does Invisalign Prevent Embarrassment during Orthodontic Treatment?


Flexible and transparent dental-grade plastic helps make Invisalign braces that you wear over your teeth suitable for this therapy. In addition, the braces are virtually invisible, ensuring they remain unnoticeable over your teeth even when moving around or socializing with your friends and colleagues.


The clear teeth aligners must remain over your teeth for at least 20 to 22 hours every day for about 18 to 24 months, fewer than traditional orthodontic treatments requiring three years or more to straighten teeth. However, you are free from metal wires or brackets on your teeth, eliminating the source of embarrassment associated with orthodontic treatments.


How Do You Begin Treatment with Invisalign?


Starting treatment with Invisalign is not challenging, but you require an assessment of your teeth and mouth from Bramwest family dental. Visiting the dental facility helps you determine your suitability for the treatment as the professionals evaluate the complexity of the condition affecting you. If considered suitable for Invisalign treatment because you have mild to moderate complications like underbites, overbites, crossbites, open bites, crooked teeth, crowding, and gaps between your teeth, consider yourself fortunate because you move over to the next step of the treatment.


After assessing your suitability, Invisalign in Brampton, Ontario, captures digital images of your teeth using a 3D intraoral scanner allowing you to see how your smile improves after the treatment. The scans are for getting your customized aligners created by the manufacturers.


You receive your first batch of aligners in about three weeks which the dentist recommends you wear over your teeth. No wires or brackets accompany Invisalign treatment eliminating the need for monthly adjustments. However, you receive a fresh batch of aligners every two to three weeks as replacements for the existing set.


What Other Benefits Accrue from Invisalign Treatment?


Besides providing you invisible clear aligners for straightening teeth, Invisalign has another beneficial feature. The aligners are removable from your teeth for eating, drinking, brushing, and flossing. In addition, the treatment considers you may have to attend special occasions like weddings, job interviews, and other events and permits you to remove the aligners for short periods so long as you return them over your teeth as soon as possible.


Invisalign treatment eliminates the need for orthodontic visits for adjustments or tightening the wires. However, dental visits to Bramwest family dental one every six to eight weeks are essential to assess your progress and to collect your fresh batch of aligners.


Treatment with Invisalign is comfortable because you have no wires or brackets in your mouth restricting you from having the foods you love or maintaining proper dental hygiene, familiar problems associated with traditional orthodontic treatments. As the aligners are removable, you can have the hard and crunchy foods you desire and refrain from chewing with the aligners over your teeth.


You are also free from the irritation of the wires to your gums and don’t need to schedule appointments with dentist in Brampton, ON when you break or damage them. Overall, Invisalign therapy is comfortable, invisible, and delivers faster results than traditional orthodontic treatments discreetly without embarrassing you.


Is Invisalign Therapy Guaranteed?


Every smile is unique, and results can vary between patients depending on how they comply with the requirements. However, if you wear the aligners over your teeth for the stipulated period without compromising on the conditions, rest assured you can have beautiful teeth and a straighter smile without any dental issues concerning you. Invisalign therapy also enables you to leave behind tooth decay and gum disease that affected you because you had malpositioned teeth in your mouth. Best of all, if you succeed with your treatment, you join millions of people who have corrected their dental imperfections using Invisalign therapy.

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