Dental Bonding in Brampton, ON

When you think of cosmetic dentistry near you, you may think of invasive procedures that drill at your teeth or of harsh whitening agents. This isn’t the case, however. At Bramwest Family Dental, we offer a variety of comfortable, safe, and effective cosmetic dentistry procedures for patients in Brampton, ON who are looking for a more beautiful smile. Dental bonding in Brampton, ON is one of these procedures.

What is dental bonding?

With dental bonding, a tooth-colored composite resin (plastic) is applied to the teeth. It can be shaded to match the color of the surrounding teeth, creating a natural-looking restoration.

What can it be used for?

Dental bonding is a popular option in cosmetic dentistry because it can be used to address a variety of issues, but it is an easy and affordable treatment. It can be used to repair a decayed tooth, build up a fractured or chipped tooth, or cover up a discolored tooth. Because the material can be shaped easily, it can also be used to close spaces between teeth and to make teeth look longer.


Unlike other procedures, like with dental crowns or bridges, there is no special preparation required for dental bonding; the teeth do not need to be shaved down, and often, anesthesia is not needed for the procedure. This makes it a quick and simple procedure that can be completed in just one visit.

To have the composite material applied to the teeth, your dentist will first etch the surface to roughen it slightly. It will then be coated lightly with a conditioning liquid, which will help the bonding material adhere more securely to the tooth. Once it is ready, the bonding will be applied as a putty-like resin. Your dentist can then mold the resin and smooth it until it reaches the desired shape. It will then be hardened with a special light or laser, then further trimmed as necessary. Finally, your dentist in Brampton will polish the restoration so that it matches the sheen of the natural teeth.

For more information on dental bonding and how you can make use of this procedure, book an appointment at Bramwest Family Dental in Brampton, ON.

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