Dental Implants in Brampton, ON

Missing teeth can cause a loss of confidence and can make you miss out on laughing with your family and friends because of embarrassment. A missing tooth could also impair your mouth’s ability to speak and chew properly. A missing tooth that is not replaced can cause shifting of the surrounding teeth which can affect your facial structure and even make you look aged. If you have lost a tooth or want to replace your dental implant, you should call Bramwest Family Dental, located in Brampton, ON, to fit you with a new dental implant so that you can get back to enjoying activities without unnecessary discomfort.

Dental implants are used to replace missing teeth. Generally, they are made of a titanium screw that is inserted into your jaw bone. The dental implant replaces your tooth’s roots. A crown is placed onto the titanium screw in your jaw to mimic the appearance of a natural tooth. Some implants require more than one visit to dental clinic to be placed. Your dentist at Bramwest Family Dental will go over the options available to you in terms of which dental implant works best for you, your facial structure, and your budget.

The healing process for a dental implant can take several months. The jaw bone grows around the titanium screw so that it is anchored securely. Therefore, it may take months before a replacement tooth can be placed onto the implant. Some patients are able to have a temporary tooth attached to the dental implant while the jawbone incorporates the titanium screw into itself. It all depends on the health of your jaw bone and how quickly it heals.

Dental implants require a healthy, sturdy jaw bone. Smoking or chewing tobacco or other drugs can lead to a failed dental implant, and, therefore, smokers are not generally good candidates for dental implants and should speak to their dentist about other options available to them. It is important to maintain good oral hygiene habits to have a successful dental implant. If you have a missing tooth, call our dental clinic in Brampton, ON for a missing teeth replacement.

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