Dentures in Brampton, ON

Smiles are a key component of a happy, confident life. Bramwest Family Dental, located in Brampton, ON, is proud to offer a variety of customizable services to fit your denture needs so you can continue to live your life smiling brightly.

What are dentures?

Dentures are removable dental appliances that help hide missing teeth. Losing most or all of your natural teeth could make you a candidate for full or partial dentures. Replacing these lost teeth improves the appearance of your teeth and your quality of life. Full and Partial Dentures near you can help restore the ability to eat, speak, and chew that you lost with your missing teeth. Losing teeth can make you look prematurely aged. Dentures can help with that and give the appearance of a full set of teeth. Dentures can be customized to resemble the teeth you once had so that they do not appear strange to those who know you. They can also be made to look better than the teeth you lost while still appearing as natural to your facial structure and features.

Traditional dentures are made and placed in your mouth, often after tooth extracting any remaining teeth still in your mouth. After extractions, it may take a bit for your mouth to heal completely so that dentures can be placed. Newer models can be placed immediately into your mouth on the same day as extractions but may require a longer consultation for a model to be made. Partial dentures and overdentures may be available to you if you have salvageable teeth that do not require removal. If you have enough teeth, dental bridges may be another option for you.

Dentures are not an excuse to stop practicing good oral hygiene. It is still important to brush your gums and your tongue daily to keep plaque from forming and causing oral complications. Your dentist will go over the proper procedures for taking care of dentures at your dental visit and will check on them periodically to make sure that they are adjusted and placed well. If you want more information, want to schedule a consultation, or have questions or worries about your existing dentures, you should call our dental clinic in Brampton.

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