Fluoride Treatment in Brampton, ON

Your teeth are vulnerable to bacteria and decay that can cause the tooth enamel to become weakened. Without proper care, tooth decay can begin to cause problems in teeth, and their structure may become compromised. Preventing oral health issues is our goal at Bramwest Family Dental, so we provide fluoride treatment that strengthens teeth and reduce the likelihood of tooth decay.

Fluoride is most effective when applied topically and ingested regularly. It is often added to drinking water and can be found in toothpaste and oral health products with and without the CDA seal of approval. Too much fluoride can harm teeth, so it’s important to speak with your dentist before adding extra fluoride to your oral hygiene routine.

Fluoride & The Enamel

Fluoride accumulates inside the tooth enamel, hardening the tissues and making it more difficult for plaque to eat at the tooth enamel and causing tooth decay. It benefits your teeth by strengthening them and keeping them healthy. In children, fluoride can help teeth develop into healthy adult teeth.

It plays an important role in the mineralization process that takes place in your mouth throughout the day and night. Minerals are constantly being transferred from teeth into the saliva and from the saliva back into teeth. When the tooth loses minerals, it is known as demineralization. When minerals are put back into the tooth, it is known as remineralization.

When the saliva is too acidic, which occurs when sugars, starches, or bacteria are not properly cleaned from the mouth, your teeth may go through demineralization and remineralization will not be able to take place. Over time, this weakens the tooth enamel and makes teeth more vulnerable to decay.

By introducing fluoride to the mouth, your dentist, prevents the formation of plaque and bacteria that harm the tooth enamel. It also replaces minerals that the teeth have lost, strengthening them once more. If cavities are caught early enough, a fluoride treatment may be used to reverse them.

Dentist in Brampton, ON

To speak with a dental professional about the benefits of fluoride treatment for your teeth, call today to schedule an appointment with our dentist in Brampton at Bramwest Family Dental.

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