Sedation Dentistry in Brampton, ON

Most of the time, when you visit the sedation dentist in Brampton, it’s for a routine cleaning and exam or some other noninvasive treatment, so sedation is not required. However, more complex procedures may call for the use of some form of sedation to prevent pain or discomfort. Additionally, some patients may need sedation to deal with dental anxiety. At Bramwest Family Dental, we utilize sedation dentistry to address a variety of needs in Brampton.

Are you a candidate for sedation dentistry?

Only your dentist or doctor will be able to determine whether sedation dentistry is safe and appropriate for you. He or she will consider your overall health and physical and mental condition before any dental treatment that might require sedation. If it is believed that you are a good candidate, your sedation dentist will recommend the best type for your case. It will have to be cleared by your physician.

Types of sedation

  • Nitrous oxide: more commonly known as laughing gas, this is the most well-known form of sedation and the one most often used in our Brampton dental office. It does not put a patient to sleep but helps to reduce anxiety. It can be administered via injection in combination with anesthesia or by a machine. Once treatment is complete, it is flushed out of the system with oxygen and leaves no lingering effects.
  • Enteral sedation: an oral sedative. It produces a similar effect to nitrous oxide and can be used in combination with it.
  • IV sedation: administered directly into a vein (intravenously). This form of sedation is deeper than nitrous or enteral sedation, but will still leave the patient conscious during the appointment. Effects usually linger after its administration, so it might be recommended to have a friend or relative accompany.
  • General anesthesia: the deepest form of anesthesia that puts a patient to sleep for the duration of the procedure. It is administered via an injection into a vein. A gaseous anesthetic may also be administered at the same time. Longer recovery time will be required with this form of anesthesia.

If you believe that you could benefit from the use of sedation dentistry, talk to your dentist in Brampton at Bramwest Family Dental about the best form for you in Brampton.

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