Smile Makeovers in Brampton, ON

Bramwest Family Dental is proud to offer smile makeovers at our dental clinic in Brampton, ON. A smile makeover is when one or more cosmetic dentistry procedures are done to improve the overall look of your teeth. Smile makeovers are completely customized by your cosmetic dentist near you to suit your personal needs and aesthetic goals. Dental veneers, implants, extractions, and whitening treatments can make up a smile makeover, but the actual procedures are based on your smile. Therefore, the treatment can be made of one or more but not necessarily all cosmetic procedures. If you have a hard time smiling because your smile gives you low self-esteem, you feel that you have too many imperfections, or you just want a brighter smile, call our dental clinic in Brampton, ON to schedule a consultation and ask about a smile makeover.

Most dental fillings are made of silver or silver amalgam and have been made from these materials for centuries. These unsightly replacements can now be replaced with a more natural-looking filling made of composite resin. If you wish for all your teeth, even the ones that didn’t organically grow, to be brighter, then a tooth whitening treatment may be the answer for you. Teeth whitening, also known as bleaching, can improve the appearance of teeth by making them appear whiter and brighter while diminishing any discolorations or stains on the tooth. Tooth color is taken into account during a dental evaluation or consultation as they are essential for any combination of makeovers. It is important to our Bramwest Family Dental team that your teeth be pearly and matching without looking overly false or unmatched in shading, shape, or size.

If you are missing teeth, your dentist may talk to you about different types of dental implants. It is crucial to replace teeth to decrease the risk of teeth shifting and causing oral or facial deformities. Dental implants, bridges, or dentures are all ways to replace missing teeth.

For a Hollywood smile, you may want to consider veneers. Veneers are almost like a natural-looking mask for teeth that are permanently glued on. They can correct the appearance of gaps, chipped, uneven, or discolored teeth.

Our dentist at Bramwest Family Dental will tailor the perfect treatment plan for you. Your input is vital during this process since we want happy smiles as a result of our smile makeovers. To learn more about what a smile makeover can correct, call our office for information or schedule an initial consultation.

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