Sweet Dreams and Beautiful Teeth: The Benefits of Sleep Dentistry

Sweet Dreams and Beautiful Teeth: The Benefits of Sleep Dentistry

Apr 01, 2023

Are you one among the many fearful of visiting dentists to receive dental care, whether minor or significant? Do not consider yourself isolated because you join 30 percent of the global population with similar fears, reluctant to visit dentists because of dental anxiety.

If you have been avoiding essential dental care or staying away from the dentist’s office despite confronting severe issues like missing teeth, broken teeth, et cetera, and compromising your overall health and smile simultaneously, sleep dentistry in Brampton, ON, has an ideal option for you to overcome your fear of dental visits to put your dental and overall health in optimal condition with the help of medications that help make you think you are asleep even when you remain awake. Sleep dentistry enables you to receive routine dental cleanings or even extensive rehabilitation to restore the health and functionality of your mouth and smile by overcoming the dental anxiety haunting you to receive much-needed dental care.

How does Sleep Dentistry Help People with Dental Anxiety?

Occasionally sedation dentistry is called sleep dentistry, although it is misleading. In reality, the use of medications to relax patients with sedatives administered in different ways establishes an easy and calm state in patients, making them think they are asleep while they aren’t.

When you visit the dental sleep clinic to discuss your dental needs with your friend or family member, the dentist will examine your mouth and inquire into your medical history. They also consider the procedure you need before asking about your dental anxiety. After your dental examination, the dentist decides to give you a prescription for sedative drugs, which include tranquillizers, antianxiety medications, and depressants or suggests nitrous oxide to relax you in the dentist’s office. If you are fearful of needles, the dentist can offer you a needle-free sleep dentistry approach by prescribing more potent medications to have before you arrive at the dental practice to receive the treatment.

The prescribed medications do not make you asleep but keep you awake and relaxed. You will need help from a caregiver to drive you to and from the dentist’s office and remain with you for a couple of hours after your appointment because sleep dentistry leaves you incapable of operating vehicles or machinery.

Although the dentist commits not to use needles during your dental treatment, you require pain management techniques to prevent feeling the pain when receiving intensive treatments like root canals or dental implants. Therefore you will receive local anesthesia in your mouth injected after you arrive at the dentist’s office entirely relaxed by the sedative drugs taken an hour before your appointment. You don’t realize when the dentist injected anesthesia in your mouth because you remain in a state of semi-consciousness and won’t bother about the sensation.

What to Expect During a Sleep Dentistry Appointment?

After receiving sleep sedation before a sleep dentistry appointment, expect to experience obliviousness during your work. This is because you feel the dental appointment lasted only a few minutes, even after spending hours in the dentist’s chair. Therefore the medications prescribed by the dentist relax you to enable them to perform more work than usual and work faster because you are not moving around and creating a scene even when undergoing a complicated procedure to help you achieve a smile you will proudly show off.

If you visit the Brampton clinic for routine exams and cleanings but fear the procedure, the dentist can calm you without requiring sleep sedation medications. Instead, they give you nitrous oxide to calm your nerves when in the dentist’s chair and proceed with the exam and cleaning without you realizing what the dentist is looking for in your mouth.

Furthermore, after you get accustomed to sleep dentistry, you will likely overcome your fears and consider visiting your dentist regularly to prevent oral health issues to accumulate and require invasive treatments at high costs.

Sleep dentistry doesn’t make you asleep, although you feel sleepy from the medications prescribed by the dentist. However, you will likely not recollect your appointment or the procedure you underwent despite remaining awake for safety and cooperation during your treatment. Sleep dentistry is an excellent technique to have sweet dreams in the dentist’s chair and return home with beautiful teeth without infections or problems haunting them by overcoming dental anxiety with the medicines provided by the dentist in Brampton, ON.

If you are scared of dental visits, even for routine exams and cleanings, Bramwest Dental can help you address your fears by providing sleep dentistry to enjoy sweet dreams and develop beautiful teeth. Please arrange an appointment with them today before your dental problems add up to need drastic remedies.

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