What Are the Best Affordable Permanent Options for Replacing Missing Teeth?

What Are the Best Affordable Permanent Options for Replacing Missing Teeth?

Feb 01, 2023

If the consequences of missing teeth concern you seeking replacement options for your missing teeth becomes a requirement you cannot ignore. Researching missing teeth replacement solutions expose you to multiple options from dentist in Brampton, ON to achieve your goal.

When considering replacing missing teeth, you will undoubtedly worry about the financial implications of the replacements and try to gain information on how soon you must have your replaced teeth replaced. Unfortunately, your concerns may cause you to delay getting the needed replacements because you need clarification about the best option for your needs.

What Replacement Solutions Can You Consider?

Depending on your specific needs, financial constraints, and overall general and dental health, you can consider different options like dentures, bridges, or dental implants in Brampton, ON, especially if you want an affordable permanent solution for your missing teeth.

In financial terms, dental bridges and dentures are more cost-effective than dental implants. However, the restorations need replacements every five or 15 years resulting in additional expenditure over a lifetime solution.

On the other hand, dental implants offered by the Brampton specialist are the only solution that stays in your mouth after surgical insertion in your jawbone to function as your natural-looking and feeling artificial teeth. Therefore whether you need single missing teeth implants or want an entire arch of teeth replaced, the Brampton provider can satisfy your needs after examining your health and considering other factors.

What Are the Eligibility Criteria for Dental Implants?

Although dental implants remain the optimal solution for replacing missing teeth, they are unsuitable for everyone. If you want a long-lasting solution to stay in your mouth you must be in good physical and dental health to endure the surgical process for dental implants and recover from the procedure without complications. Dental implants are not the most affordable in terms of prices but they make up for the initial upfront costs by not needing replacements again as long as you care for your mouth and the implants.

Besides the above criteria, it helps if you are not a smoker or tobacco user because tobacco hampers your healing and delays your recovery. Most importantly, the Brampton provider needs you to commit to the dental implant procedure regardless of whether you want a single missing tooth implant or consider getting a full mouth implant to replace all your missing teeth with a permanent solution that remains with you for life.

What Is Involved in the Dental Implant Procedure?

Your evaluation for dental implant placement starts during your first visit to the Brampton provider. First, they examine your dental health to determine if you have adequate jawbone to support dental implant placement in your jaw. If you lack sufficient bone density, the dentist recommends bone grafting or sinus lifts, depending on which tooth needs replacement.

If you are eligible for dental implant placement, the dentist creates a customized treatment plan explicitly for you, advising about the surgery and anesthesia options you can choose to alleviate discomfort during the placement.

The dentist completes the dental implant placement procedure in one appointment, depending on how many implants you need. While you don’t experience discomfort during the process, you must endure some pain after the implants are embedded in your jaw. However, the pain lasts for about 10 days before subsiding, but it doesn’t mean you receive your artificial teeth soon after.

Dental implants require lengthy healing times of approximately three to six months to complete a process called osseointegration to enable the titanium post to become part of your body to function as your artificial tooth root. Therefore, you can receive your artificial teeth only after the implant has stabilized in your mouth to support custom-created dental crowns for placement over the implant.

In some cases, the Brampton provider can give you a temporary artificial tooth soon after dental implant placement for aesthetic purposes. However, the restoration is merely a temporary benefit and needs replacement after you have recovered from the surgical process.

During the healing of the dental implants, you must care for your mouth as recommended by the Brampton provider to ensure you don’t allow dental plaque to accumulate around the implanted titanium posts. Therefore maintaining excellent dental hygiene and getting regular cleanings from the provider become essential. After you recover from the dental implant process, you can have your dental crown custom created to match your surrounding teeth and mounted on the implant by the Brampton dentist to ensure it helps restore your smile and mouth functionality. If you have received full-mouth dental implants, you can have a set of teeth for an entire arch in the upper or lower jaw by way of fixed or removable dentures anchored by the placements.

In contrast to dentures or dental bridges needing replacements every five to ten years, dental implants represent permanent solutions for missing teeth that remain with you for life without needing replacements. You may require dental crown replacements if you indulge in detrimental mouth-related habits that can damage them. However, the implant itself will remain in your jaw without causing problems as long as you maintain appropriate dental hygiene and receive exams and cleanings from the dentist in Brampton, ON to maintain your dental health. Therefore dental implants function as an affordable permanent option for replacing teeth alternatives on the market.

Whether you have lost one or all of your teeth, Bramwest Dental has a solution for you to replace them using dental implants as an affordable permanent replacement solution for the missing teeth. Consult the dental practice today to start planning your dental implant placement to restore your mouth functionality as best as possible.

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