Why Do You Need Fluoride Treatments Now More Than Ever?

Why Do You Need Fluoride Treatments Now More Than Ever?

Jun 01, 2023

Fluoride, naturally occurring, helps build more robust teeth to prevent cavities. For example, tap water in Canada contains traces of fluoride to reduce tooth decay among adults and children. The CDC confirms fluoridated water has helped reduce tooth decay by 25 percent.

Professional fluoride treatments from dentist in brampton offer more significant benefits to protect teeth. The treatments benefit people at risk of tooth decay but are unsuitable for everyone. This article focuses on the benefits and adverse effects of fluoride treatment and treatment recommendations.

Fluoride Treatments Explained

Fluoride treatments are typically professional therapies with high doses of fluoride applied by dentists to your teeth to improve their health and inhibit the risk of cavities. In-office fluoride treatments are usually in the form of a solution, gel, varnish, or foam. Highly concentrated fluoride treatments for home use are also available but are best used under the specific guidance of a dentist. The fluoride used by dentists is similar to the fluoride in various toothpaste brands. However, fluoride is concentrated and delivers instant benefits.

The Benefits of Fluoride Treatment for Preventing Tooth Decay

Fluoride is beneficial in helping prevent tooth decay because the treatment strengthens tooth enamel to prevent bacteria from building up on your teeth to form a sticky dental plaque layer on the teeth. Dental plaque produces acids to erode tooth enamel and gum tissue. When the plaque penetrates the enamel layer, it can infect nerves at the tooth’s center.

When you use fluoride toothpaste at home daily and receive fluoride treatment in Brampton, ON, at half-year intervals, the therapy helps strengthen the tooth enamel, making it resistant to cavities to safeguard you from unnecessary complications.

Factors Contributing to the Increased Need for Fluoride Treatments

Over the last several decades, everyone has processed foods and sugary and starchy beverages unhealthy for the teeth and are not diligent with their dental hygiene practices. These are the primary factors contributing to the increased need for fluoride treatments for adults and children. Unfortunately, getting fluoride therapy from the dentist merely strengthens tooth enamel without eradicating the bacteria, constantly creating dental plaque in the mouth and resulting in oral health problems.

You can visit the Brampton dental office requesting fluoride treatments or recommendations for home use of fluoride versions but will not benefit from the therapy unless you also maintain excellent dental hygiene by brushing your teeth twice daily for two minutes every time, avoiding sugary snacks and beverages, flossing once daily, quitting smoking, and getting your dental health evaluated by a certified dentist at six monthly intervals. In addition, you can beat the factors contributing to needing more fluoride treatments by acting against them and caring for your teeth and gums to keep them healthy.

Are Fluoride Treatments Safe?

Fluoride treatments at the dentist’s office are safe, and the dentist recommended home therapies for adults and children at high risk of tooth decay. However, occasionally fluoride can adversely affect the teeth if used excessively without proper guidance from a dental professional. As a result, you can develop fluorosis leaving white and brown spots and making your teeth appear discoloured. The discolouration can make you think fluoride has damaged your teeth, but it helps if you understand it is just a cosmetic variation comfortably treated by dentists offering fluorosis treatment to hide the stains. Therefore if you or your child develops fluorosis, your dentist can help you overcome the problem without confronting significant challenges.

Why Are Fluoride Treatments More Essential Now Than Earlier?

Earlier, people did not rely on the processed foods they consume today, although they might have neglected dental hygiene practices or regular visits to dentists. However, people rely on natural foods and beverages instead of carbonated drinks, processed foods, sports drinks, et cetera, which are popular with everyone currently.

Mouth bacteria constantly create dental plaque on your foods and beverages, especially when you provide them with a healthy environment to breed in your mouth. While it is practically impossible to quit having the foods and drinks mentioned, it helps to indulge in them in moderation by limiting their consumption. Additionally, dental visits at six monthly intervals or earlier, if required, are essential to prevent the weakening of your tooth enamel to encourage bacteria to penetrate it and create holes in your teeth.

Fluoride treatments are more essential now because of the bacteria conducive foods and beverages you consume, and avoid dental visits because of your hectic schedule of dental phobia. Fortunately, getting fluoride treatments from the dentist twice a year helps strengthen tooth enamel to provide a safety barrier on your teeth and prevention against enamel erosion by bacteria.

If you have understood why fluoride treatment in Brampton, ON are becoming more essential but have yet to receive this therapy, we suggest you arrange an appointment with Bramwest Dental to receive this treatment comfortably and painlessly to safeguard your teeth from your mouth bacteria. Fluoride treatments prevent untimely dental visits seeking treatments for enamel erosion or cavities.

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