Why Is Preventive Dental Care So Important?

Why Is Preventive Dental Care So Important?

Oct 01, 2022

Do you know that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure? This adage is particularly true in dentistry. Preventive dental care keeps small everyday dental issues from accumulating. Continue reading to learn why preventive dentistry in Brampton, ON, is important.

What Is Preventive Dental Care?

It is the practice of caring for teeth and gums to keep them healthy. Preventive dental care is a general term for everything you or a dentist does to prevent oral health problems from developing or worsening. As a result, it covers treatments and practices to maintain optimum oral health.

The dentist in Brampton, ON provides several preventive oral services. However, the basics of preventive dental care start and end with you. Therefore, you have a big role in maintaining good oral practices each day. They include brushing and flossing using the right products and techniques daily. Additionally, they involve maintaining a healthy diet and avoiding bad oral habits.

Dental insurances cover preventive treatments at a higher rate than other dental services. They often cover 100% or 80% with minimal out-of-pocket costs. Therefore, you should not worry about prices when considering preventive dental care.

What Services Does Preventive Dental Care Cover?

Preventive dentistry comprises services that reduce the likelihood of contracting oral health conditions. These services include:

  1. Dental exams

These are routine evaluations of your teeth, gums, jaws, throat, and neck. They help dentists catch dental diseases before they advance to serious stages.

  1. Professional oral cleanings

The dentist deep cleans your teeth and removes all plaque and tartar buildup along the gum line. Doing so prevents tooth caries, dental staining, gum disease, heart disease, and diabetes.

  1. Oral scans and x-rays

These diagnostic services focus on detecting potential or existing oral diseases. Scans and x-rays also help the dentist create a suitable treatment plan for patients.

  1. Dental sealants

These are transparent or tooth-colored coverings applied on the surfaces of teeth. They are used on the grooves and fissures of permanent molars to prevent decay. Dental sealants also help kids or adults with difficulties brushing or flossing. In addition, they make it easier to maintain proper oral hygiene.

  1. Fluoride treatment

The dentist applies fluoride on teeth to help fight against cavities and reduce tooth sensitivity. Fluoride treatments are straightforward, painless, and effective against decay.

  1. Space maintainers for kids

These are devices used when a child loses a primary tooth prematurely. Space maintainers keep the adjacent teeth from shifting into the created space. Therefore, the child’s permanent tooth will erupt in the proper position.

  1. Educational instruction

Individuals are educated on preventive dentistry practices that can be observed at home. These focus on teaching patients proper techniques to floss and brush. They also recommend suitable oral health products that patients may use for excellent health. Additionally, the health experts will help patients stop tobacco use.

Importance of Preventive Dental Care

There are several reasons to consider preventive dentistry in Brampton, ON. They include:

  1. The services reduce your risk of contracting several dental health conditions. A few examples are cavities, gum disease, gum recession, abnormal tooth wear, and loss.
  2. Preventive dental treatments promote good oral health, helping you avoid serious oral-related conditions. For example, it will help prevent diabetes, heart disease, oral cancer, and osteoporosis.
  3. Preventive dentistry helps you save money that would have been used to treat serious oral health problems. This is because most preventive dentistry services are entirely covered by insurance. The dental issues will escalate if you do not seek preventive dental care. This will necessitate complex and costly treatments.
  4. The procedures carried out help improve or maintain an attractive smile. For example, if your teeth are professionally cleaned, they will not get discolored. In addition, a child can use space maintainers to ensure they have a well-aligned smile.
  5. The educational services provided are especially useful for kids and their parents. Your dentist in Brampton, ON will teach you to care for your child’s mouth right from infancy. Once the child can brush on their own, the dentist will teach them appropriate oral hygiene skills. Therefore, the child has a great chance at lifelong excellent oral health.

Preventive dental care should not be ignored. Contact the dentists at Bramwest Dental to schedule preventive dental treatments. We provide several oral health services that help maintain healthy teeth and gums.

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